Election - 2013

CEC warns Jamil Hasanli and Hafiz Hajiyev


CEC warns Jamil Hasanli and Hafiz Hajiyev


Central Election Center considered appeals at today’s meeting.

APA reports that complaints of authorized representative of candidate from New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov and presidential candidate Jamil Hasanli were considered at the meeting.
Ahmadov said in his appeal that Jamil Hasanli violated the requirements of Election Code at the debate held on Public Television on September 19. The appeal says Jamil Hasanli insulted President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, honour and dignity of his family violating article 106 of the Constitution.
Presidential candidate Jamil Hasanli said in his appeal that candidate Hafiz Hajiyev insulted him and his family, threw plastic water bottle. The Commission also considered complaint of Public Television about Jamil Hasanli. According to the complaint, Hasanli violated airtime rules, used extra 6 minutes 12 seconds and caused damage to the company.
CEC said that all appeals are being investigated.
As a result of the investigation, appeals of Ali Ahmadov and Public Television were proved. CEC warned Jamil Hasanli.
Jamil Hasanli’s appeal was also investigated and his appeal confirmed. CEC warned Hafiz Hajiyev basing on Hasanli’s appeal.
CEC called on the presidential candidates to observe the code of ethics. The candidates were called to observe specially articles 88.1 and 88.2 of the Election Code. 



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