The process of compile and update of permanent voters’ list of 2018 finalized

Voters’ list play an important role in the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections.

Pursuant to the Election Code, the update process of single voters’ list on the country had been carried out since the beginnings of January of 2017. Like previous years, the current voters’ list was compiled effectively and accurately as a result of a large-scale and comprehensive process under the direct supervision of the Central Election Commission. The update of lists involved more than 30 thousand members of lower election commissions and the relevant institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Justice, as well as local executive authorities and municipalities had been cooperated with through the whole process. CEC hotline # 115 and internet online service was at the disposal of voters and played an important role in the increase of the efficiency of the activities undertaken. Successful application of the latest information and communication technologies in the update of the lists and utilization of special software with improved technical varieties contributed to the effective implementation of the update process and the compile and publication of the lists in comply with high standards.

CEC members made themselves familiar with the re-compiled version of single voters’ list of 2018 at the CEC premises on February 28, 2018. During the event broadcasted by mass media representatives it was informed that the compile, check and update process of single voters’ list had been implemented through the State Automated Information System operating incessantly online. High technological and interactive exchange of information intensified the processes of update and summarize of the lists and ensured collection of detailed information on voters, checking the spelling and grammatical mistakes of the lists, analyze of identicals and repetitions, as well as, effective compile and publication of the lists.

At the end of the update process, 5192042 voters were included in single voters’ list on the country.

It is worth noting that the Central Election Commission decided to finalize the update, compilation, approval and publicize of permanent voters’ lists of the current year up to 3 March, 2018.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat STUDIO