New Azerbaijan Party to appeal to CEC and court regarding campaign rally held by Jamil Hasanli yesterday



New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) will formally appeal to the Central Election Commission and relevant bodies on what happened during the campaign rally held by candidate of the National Council Jamil Hasanli, deputy executive secretary of ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Siyavush Novruzov told APA.

Novruzov noted that those addressing the campaign rally yesterday, violated not only the requirements of the Election Code, but also the other legislation and even demonstrated special pleasure with their acts: “The rally was held at quite a low level. They are disseminating false information that large number of people attended the rally, while their number was not more than 1000-1500. The majority of them were their relatives and members of different organizations.
On the other hand, it seemed that those who made speeches took pleasure in seriously violating the requirements of Azerbaijan’s Constitution, Election Code and other normative legal acts and it was clear that all of them tried to create a provocation on the eve of the elections. The speeches contained offences and challenges contrary to morality, this is strongly prohibited by the Election Code and other legislations. A march and other challenges after the completion of the agreed time aimed at preparing a special provocation. They wanted the police to interfere, which will cause provocation. All this has proved once again that yesterday’s rally was quite provocative.”
The YAP official said that all above-mentioned facts were registered: “Especially, tough insults and slanders were chanted against YAP and our candidate. We will officially apply to CEC and other relevant organizations in this regard. CEC is responsible for this.”
Before the rally, CEC had seriously warned Jamil Hasanli for his speech on the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. STUDIO