Former presidents, their wives granted special privileges




In its plenary session Milli Majlis (parliament) of Azerbaijan discussed granting special privileges to former presidents of Azerbaijan and their spouses and assigning them a special diplomatic status.
Chairman of the Legal Policy and State-building Committee Ali Huseynli and Chairman of the Social Policy Committee Hadi Rajabli informed MPs about this issue.

Relevant amendments were adopted to the laws “On execution”, “On labor pensions”, “On National Archive Fund”, “The social benefits,” “On exit from the country, entry into the country and passports” as well as the Criminal Procedure Code and Code of Administrative Offences.

Under amendments to the article 68 of the Law “On execution”, no suit can be brought against the pensions and social benefits allotted for the ex-president of Azerbaijan and his spouse. From now on, the pension of ex-president of Azerbaijan is one-half the salary of the incumbent – 7,500 AZN.
According to the changes made to the article 5 of the item 6 of the Law “On exit from the country, entry into the country and passports”, the ex-president and his wife, as well as the President of Azerbaijan are granted life-long diplomatic passport.
The changes put for the vote were adopted.